Why pins?

SIMPLY BECAUSE, they tiny (most of the case, did you see my Demon Slayer ones? Big bois.) They cute. They great collectibles. I love pins. So much. Leave them to your grandchildren, they'll appreciate the heirloom.

Will it always be mainly pins?

I hope not. I mean I love designing pins but my current dream is to make clothing. I really want to design sweatshirts, a lot. So I'm hoping I'll expand my offerings in the future. With your help of course :,33

How did you start?

WELL, I was drawing for a while before starting an art bizz, and I was seeing the beautiful pins and wanted to try and see for myself. To be honest it was a painful start, because I didn't know anything and didn't really do my research well, in Turkey I didn't really come across with small international art businesses so I tought everything would be birds and the bees but yeah, tho taking that risk and handling everything (in a very unprofessional way, I cried like 5 times a day and screamed at customs officers to show me a way) paid off in my opinion. Now I have a super cool (YEAH) awesome business and super cool supportive frens (which is you by the way).


ANIMU. And demon boys. Original demon boys. I love demon boys. Call me if you're a demon boy. oH ALSO I love biblical themes and mythology. But mostly really irrelevant stuff inspires me, like, I have an OC literally based off of trash? You feel me?


I will probably sound like a uber super sparkly nerd by saying this but; FRP. Yeah. I SAID IT. Fantastic Role Playing games. My partner has a universe he have been working on for like 20 years now. And he is a GM (Game Master, basically the god of the universe) and I started playing with him. After some time I wanted to give being GM a go and now I have a universe I'm working on for a while and I actually have over 500 original characters (with complete back stories, most of them are dead already, like, they have grandchildren n stuff djdskdsk). I basically wanted to draw my characters bro.

How do your sales work?

I usually go with Pre-Order system, it means I'm getting the juicy design ready, putting it on my website for the grabs (with special pre-order discount) and well, limited quantity (enough to fund manufacturing process and customs taxes) you're buying (I hope so) it, I'm ordering it, we're waiting for a while together, and when they arrive I'm grading them and sending you the best ones possible-- 

After the pre orders are fulfilled, I'm adding the remaining ones to my website so other frens can buy them as well.

Why should I Pre-Order tho?

BECAUSE, it's basically the most guaranteed way. You're not only getting A Grade pins for discounted price, you are literally helping me to make my dreams come thru. Plus it kinda makes you a godparent? Of the pins?? Like, WE DID THIS. FRENSHIP SPIRIT. YEAH.

How long will I wait for my Pre-Ordered pin?

This usually changes depending on the design's complexity. I like to use lots of screen print details on my designs so that's also adds to the wait time for the pins. I just want you to remember something, we share the hype my dudes. I am as excited as you are when waiting so please be patient! 

After Pre-Order pins are here, I'll do lots of updates on my Instagram, so you can have a better understanding of what's going on and when they'll ship.

But let's say me and my bois (u bois) waited for 6 months once for some pins teehee

Okay but what is an A Grade pin?

Check out our Enamel Pin Grading Policies page for more details on what we consider A,B, & C grade pins :3


The product I want is out of stock... When will you restock it.

Dude..... probably never... When I first started Cry More Brand I wanted to be known as an artist more than a small business owner. I constantly draw and try to improve, so if a design is out of stock, it's probably never coming back because with every drawing I'm leaving the old designs behind, I want my products to improve with me, I'm sorry about this ://


I have so many orders I want to combine boi.


Please let me know before you make a purchase you want to combine with a previous order. I will give you a free shipping code so it will be much easier for both of us. 

If you placed the order without the shipment code it's okay too, I can refund the shipment price but I gotta calculate your package beforehand and take the needed shipment price, refund the remaining balance.

Also, in stock pins will not be held to be combined with preorders. Please keep that in mind.

How will I know you shipped my package?

You will receive a mail stating your package is shipped and that e mail will also have the tracking info in it. After I shipped the pins it is your responsibility to track the package and see. I'm not responsible of any lost packages after they're shipped my dude. Please if you're sure about your package is gone missing, contact your post office to solve the problem with them. 

So I received my package, but something is missing???? HM??

FIRST OF ALL, I AM SORRY. In this case you can ALWAYS e mail me and let me know about your problem, since I'm only one stressed artist trying to deal with everything, sometimes I might forget stuff.. BUT that doesn't mean I'm not a helpful boi, I'm a helping boi, I'll replace the missing pin ASAP after you contacted me. 

Okay everything's good but my package returned back to you? WHATS HAPPENING? 

Every post office has rules about how long a package can wait on the office, so if a post is out for delivery that day and they couldn't find you at the address, they'll simply return the package to post office and wait for you to go and get it from the office. For example in Turkey it's 3 days. If I don't get a package in 3 days, they ship it back to the sender's address. 

OR, simply I wrote your address wrong. That's a possibility too.

There is only one thing to do, wait for the package to arrive to me and if the address is right and you want me to ship it again, simply pay the shipment fee (because... you know...) and I'll be sending it back.

If it's because I don't know how to read or write, I'll just ship the package back. yeah.

But yeah you can e mail me about it if that happens, I also send e mails to the people who has returning mails when they arrive to ask what they want to do about it, we can work it out so pls do not panic my dude. I'll make sure you get your goodies.

I need a refund bruh,,

Sure thing, we just gotta make sure that your pins are not shipped. I can refund if the pin is in stock and not shipped yet. Tho I do not refund Pre-Order items' money, because, they are spent. Gone. GONE. To manufacture the pins. So please be careful before placing a pre-order item. You can read my refund policy on the footer menu by the way, it explains everything in the professional way, this is just a casual talk between frens--

Now to the most important question;


The answer is Y E S.

Please contact me if you have any other questions/feedbacks that are not stated/cleared via clicking here: