Nanika/Alluka Hard Enamel Pin

Nanika/Alluka Hard Enamel Pin

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Hunter x Hunter hard enamel pins designed by Crymorebrand~
Show your love for the series with these stylized cuties and carry them around with you in your bags, hats, jackets, beanies and more!

All of the pins except the heart shaped one’s are:
⭐️ 35mm
⭐️Hard Enamel
⭐️Comes with two heart shaped rubber backs

The heart shaped ones are:
⭐️Hard Enamel
⭐️Comes with 2 heart shaped rubber backs as well~
They all come with a cute backing card.

The Hunter License Keychains are:
⭐️Limited Edition
⭐️8.6cm (real credit card size)
⭐️Soft Enamel
⭐️Very chunky, really cute.
Please note: since the keychains are really big, and soft enamel some bubbles and scratches are considered normal and they don’t have any B grade options.