About me

Cry here,,
I'm a Turkish artist and I'm the weird ball of anxiety behind Cry More Brand. I'm currently living in Izmir with my partner and my pupper.
My pupper's name is Hypnos and he likes showing teeth, sleeping and complain for no apparent reason.  They're both cool, not as much as me tho.
I'm currently studying Comparative Literature in 9 Eylül University.
My biggest hobbies are staring at ceiling, pretending to be dead and crying, very loud.
I like watching shounen and psychological anime.
Some of my faves are One Piece, Demon Slayer, Monster, Zankyou no Terror, Ajin etc..
Lately I'm obsessed with E ve MV, he's my favorite singer at the moment along with Circus Contraption (check them out, super good).
I love loose art styles, I'm still trying to find my own art style and still struggling to figure out how to color my drawings but it's a journey yknow, I have to learn how to color stuff at some point. 
I started Cry More Brand in 2018 (well, late 2018, we can say 2019 I guess) Since then I'm designing fanart and original art! I guess we can say I'm a part time artist and a full time student. 
I mainly draw bois so it's a big chance that you'll see your fave animu husbandos here.
My main focus is to create very cool very artsy wearable stuff so the coolest kid in the town can show off (coolest kid is you by the way)  (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ AYY☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
My most used words are BRO and DUDE. I guess that kinda explains.
I'm hoping you'll like these stuff.
Thank yöü för visiting bröther.