Enamel Pin Grading Policies

Since every pin is handmade by a real life individual, we ask that our customers keep in mind that no pin is perfect. We also ask that our customers understand that everyone has different standards for what constitutes an A, B, or C grade pin. Even in terms of language, what we consider terms like "minor , "major", "deep", "small" and "light" are subject to our personal opinions.

If Cry More Brand agrees that a true error has been made (it happens) and you receive the incorrect grade pin, we are happy to replace if free of charge or offer a full refund. However, by accepting our Enamel Pin Grading Policies at checkout, you are agreeing that it is up to our discretion as outlined in the grading polices below.  With that said, our grading scale is as follows:

A Grade

The best of the batch. In general, defects on an A grade are not noticeable upon first glance. A grade defects include but are not limited to:

  • Surface scratches
  • Minor dust specs
  • Minor misplacement of screen print
  • Light texture on screenprint
  • Minor dots or specs on the plating
  • Small areas of underfill or overfill

f an A grade contains these, it will be in a less prominent area of the pin. If there is a special circumstance and all/most of a particular pin have a particular defect, it is possible that the A Grade may have small blemishes on or near the face.


B Grade

A more budget friendly option. B grade pins contain more noticeable errors. Most B grade defects will not greatly distract from the pin. Defects include but are not limited to:

  • Deeper scratches
  • Minor scratches in multiple areas
  • Mid sized areas of underfill or overfill
  • Specs and dust in noticeable areas
  • Dots of enamel in the incorrect places
  • More noticeable screen print errors.


C Grade

Not for the faint of heart. C grade pins have large and or immediately noticeable flaws that greatly distract from the pin. These are great for wearing out on bags or jackets where you know the pin is likely to take hits. Defects include but are not limited to:

  • Deep scratches
  • Multiple scratches across the face
  • Large areas of underfill or overfill
  • Incorrectly colored areas
  • Major errors in screenprint
  • Small area’s of exposed metal.

There are times when C grade pins will look more like B grade pins only due to the fact that it contains something like an incorrectly colored area as its only defect but this does not happen often.

A standard grading scale will be used for Patreon pins and for experimental pin designs. 


Standard pins are not collector grade pins but are the best of the batch. They are for casual collectors who don't mind reasonable flaws such as small pricks near the face or light scratches or marks on the pin. Our standard grade pins can more easily be described as a cross between A/B grade pins. Depending on the design, they could have very minor imperfections or a mixture of qualities listed under both the A and B grade descriptions above.


Seconds pins have have more severe imperfections than standard pins of the same design and will be sold at a discounted rate that reflects that. Similar to C grade pins, these pins will have quite some character. Seconds grade pins will not have large areas of exposed metal or missing back posts.