Updates - Calendar

Hello and welcome to the Update page, this page is to update you guys about new drops, shipment days and if happens, delays and it will be updated with a new calendar every month's 1st week.

Sometimes I do surprise pre orders, if that happens I'll make sure to post it in my stories/feed in my instagram 2-3 days before and add it to the calendar as soon as the drop date is decided.
Happy New Year!
After reading this part please make sure to read the other information as well!
  • There are 2 different versions of both designs. One is Patreon exclusive and the other is public drop variants.
  • Patreon Exclusive Variants will be dropping in my secret shop, which is a password protected part of my shop and the passwords are sent to my charged patrons, please check your Patreon inboxes for those!
  • This is a in hand drop, so it means the pins will be shipped at Wednesday after the sale ends. 
  • The public variants can be found in this page, please click here!
  • The Patreon exclusive variants can be found in this page, please click here!
Please note, you need to enter the given password in order to access to the Patreon Exclusive variants!
All of the pins are being packed right now and will be sent in batches starting from 5th January!

I frequently post updates on my instagram page, usually in my stories and under my posts so please try to check there as well if you want to stay up to date with possible delays and issues. I also share countdowns in my stories before a drop happens so saving those is the best way to be up to date about drop times.

Please read carefully before contacting me about an issue/question as there is a high possibility that it might be answered here, if you can't find your answer here please click here to check my F.A.Q page.

IMPORTANT INFO: I do not allow my designs to be resold at unreasonable prices, I'm okay with adding 5-10USD more to the normal price of the pin and selling that way but please do not get multiple pins solely for the purpose of reselling it immediately. I'm totally okay with getting duplicates for friends since my payment system doesn't work for some friends but I am planning to ban people who get pins just to resell immediately from my shop and Patreon from now on if I spot this, I value my designs a lot and I'd much rather people who really wants the designs as a part of their collection getting them. 

Thank you for your understanding.

If you need to track your package and in your country's system it's still not updated, please use 17track.net website to track. I usually use that website and it allows you to track any package from anywhere. If you still can't see the updates, it's either not processed yet or there might be a problem with the tracking number, please make sure the tracking number you got starts with RR and ends with TR. If you need further assistance you can contact me via e mail, please also include your order number and your name!

Let's start with Patreon related information:

I have a Patreon page that I use as an exclusive Pin Club for over a year now and I do both Original Artworks and inspired artworks as pins there. If you're interested in getting exclusive designs monthly and check out my WIP designs time to time, clicky clikcy--

Every month after I reveal the designs on 20th, I add 10 more spots, this is to prevent myself from getting burnt out because of the packages and slowly get myself used to the business of Patreon packages gradually. I know the spots tend to fill up very quickly, please check time to time especially on the last day to see if any spots opened or not, I try to post it as soon as a spots opens in my stories but it's good to check time to time. You can also join my Tip Tier so you'd get the secret shop password for when the leftovers drop.

  • 1st week of each month (starting from 1st to 5th) is the time for Patreon pledges to be collected, after that it usually takes 1-3 days for the funds to reach to me. I pay the month's exclusive design's fees with this money and after saving enough for customs and shipments, I feed my dogs. They're very big boys. They eat a lot. Once my St Bernard puppy ate a really big solid rock. It wasn't pleasant.
  • I usually get 2 months worth of pins at once (for example this month I will receive August's and September's pin and send those out) and after the pledges are collected and pins are sent, I add the leftover pins to my secret shop! 
  • Please note: the passwords for secret shop is given to my Patrons  after the pledges are collected, usually between 5th to 7th every month.

    Regular Shop General Information:

    • IMPORTANT: I do not accept Paypal payments, I'm located in Turkey so only available payment receiving option for me is to use credit card. Sometimes international banks mark the transactions as suspicious since they're to an outside country, if you have problems with paying for the goodies please contact your bank about it and let them know that you're aware of the transaction, it takes a very little time. Thank you!
    • After a drop or a sale, I do my best to pack the goodies and get them ready for the shipment days which is every Wednesday, I get paid on Wednesdays after a sale so if you make a purchase after Wednesday you'd be waiting until the next Wednesday but if you have super urgent orders for example for a gift or something, don't hesitate to contact me via my e mail: crymorebrand@gmail.com, I will do my best to accommodate.
    •  Please note: Sometimes I get overload with orders (thank you so much for that dude ily) and since it's only me, myself and I in this business, even when I do my best to pack i can be too slow. My normal order processing times are 1-2 weeks (for in stock items) but sometimes the packages can take me 1-1.5 months to pack and send. I usually post instant updates and explanations when that happens so make sure to check my instagram stories time to time.
    • ABOUT RESTOCKS: I usually don't do restocks on old designs, but time to time if there is enough demand I will do restocks. However nothing is Open Edition in my store so you won't be able to get them anytime. I do my best to improve as an artist and a designer so I like my designs f r e s h.
    Thank you for reading!